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Hi........... [10 Sep 2005|11:57am]
[ mood | artistic ]

Wow, I see what the_bird94 means!!  I like this community!!

I'm a BETA kid!

This is...interesting......... [10 Sep 2005|11:53am]

[ mood | amused ]

Like I said, this is interesting.

I'm a BETA kid!

[11 May 2005|09:38pm]

wow i didnt know we had a community for beta all this time. oh yeah, reppin bizzeta for the next four (school) days!
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[27 Mar 2005|03:59pm]

is it an A or B day tomorrow?
( 1 ) - I'm a BETA kid!

[27 Mar 2005|01:44pm]

No one's written in this thing for a reaaaaaaaally long time.
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... [10 Jan 2005|05:41pm]

Did we have that driving test in Driver's Ed today?
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im back bitches [04 Jan 2005|10:22pm]

[ mood | i got pukes ]

yo yo cracka style im crackalackin in the seat next to me with the computer and the banana BITCH i have no idea vat in ze hail i am talking about but i do now that i have a fever and im puking all over the place but im still coming to school tomorro UNLESS im deathly ill but if i'm not then i'm coming to school so i can get you all sick HAHAHAHAHAH losers

the one and only,
Taylor the Awesome

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Back from break [03 Jan 2005|03:02pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Ahh we had to go to the new school for homeroom! I don't like it..All confusing. Like half the kids going to BETA crossed to street instead of the catwalk. heh.

It was so weird seeing Phoebe walk around in the hallways and stuff cause I'm not used to seeing her. When I saw her I was like wtf? OMG OH YEAH sweeeet! =D

Kay, I tried to make the community active.

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[31 Dec 2004|12:39am]

I realize that my BETA community is pretty much dead, but oh well. Does anyone know where to go the first day back? Because I heard we have to go to homerooms @ Gibbs? & if we do..does anyone have the list of homerooms, because i don't lol. thanks. :D
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new schedule! [10 Dec 2004|06:13pm]

Here's my schedule I promised lol..

1st - chemistry
2nd - driver's ed
3rd - english honors
4th - spanish II
5th - web design
6th - geometry
7th - history honors
I'm a BETA kid!

[28 Nov 2004|03:50pm]

I'm gonna be coming back guys...

January 2nd Semester! w00t! I'll post my schedule when I get it lol..
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RETURN OF THE FREAK A LEAK! [17 Nov 2004|06:53pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]


sorry i'm really hyper right this sec. i am eating pizza and drinking a ginger ale so yah... lalalala. hmm... i gotz to update about my week so far.

monday nothing happened..

tuesday we had a soccer game! It was the return of CHRISTIE FREAK A LEAK... actually her name is Christie Leak and she was only one of our best players and soccer captain last year. So she drove back from UCF and came to watch our game! SO that was the best part. We tied 2-2 but that was the biggest bullshit game ever on the face of this earth. The REFS.. THEY SUCKED Ass at reffing the game. fucking need some contacts or something. anyways... so they scored and it was taken back. Then we scored. Then right after we scored they scored. and then we scored again. and with 30 seconds to go they ran straight up the center and scored. AHHHH! i wanted to go insane. but oh-well. atleast we didn't lose. I would have hated to see Freak a leak when we lost. :-(.

something else fucking hillarious. Arezou and Stacey are the two freshman girls on our team. and no offence but they are not that great at all. and so they were talking and were like yah we're going to be warming the bench for everyone tongiht. and colleen looks at me and stuff and goes "well atleast they know their place on this team." ROFL! that was soooooo great. omfg i was laughing that was the best thing someone said to me all day. well soccer wise. it was great. hahahaha.

anyways. yah.. and the boys actually scored a goal! thats like the first time in like i believe 5 or 6 years. so yah.. fun stuff.

today nothing went on. boring B-days. i fucking hate um...


I'm a BETA kid!

lovin' BETA [15 Oct 2004|03:46pm]

ok i SOOO visited BETA today! It was the bestest ever too! Aggh I missed everyone so much! So as soon as I stepped on that sidewalk of the bus circle I see a bunch of people start running @ me going PHOOOOOOOOEBEEEEEEEE!! Like..Cutee! Aww I love you! haha she was the main 1! Then all of a sudden I have like a million people around me going PHOEBE'S HERE! and hugging me and aww I just love being there cuz you guys make me feel so loved! haha! Even Ms. Stockton talked to me and said "well why don't you come back?" and i was like..well I want to..then shes like then why don't you..cuz my mom won't let me! haaah. Oh man and I saw STEPHANIE PERKINS! Oh man I love her! and Melisa and Sam..you guys are some cooooool freshman! And then ofcourse EVERYONE ELSE that theres just wayyy too many to mention! lol..I LOVE YOU ALLLL! haha thank you for making me feel so special =] .. haha so after everyone left me Allie, Caleb, n Kris all went up to the lockers n I found my old locker and from where Lisa wrote PHEEBZ in big letters across it from last year I took Caleb's pen n wrote "IS BACK" and then Caleb took it from me and wrote BITCH under it..so now my old locker says..PHEEBZ is back BITCH..and RIP FEEBO from Shelina! haha..OH MAN WHY DID I MISS YOU AGAIN TODAY SHELINA!? THAT PISSED ME OFF! N I DIDN'T GET TO SEE RACHAEL EITHER! AGGH! I MISS YOUUUU! =[ aw well it was fun anyways! love you guys!
I'm a BETA kid!

[25 Sep 2004|07:48pm]

[ mood | missing beta ]

Hey everyone. I reallyyyyyyy wanna come back to BETA, but my moms being all "well idk how much you will learn there if you go back since you 'slacked off last year' " so I need some ideas of somehow persuading my mom that BETA people actually do learn there..so if anyone can give me any good news, information, about BETA, LET ME KNOW PLEASEEEEEE! haha I know this sounds really lame but I'm trying anything I can to go back..haha yeah so anythinggggg you can think of..let me know! :]

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Mmkay kiddies... [25 Sep 2004|03:24pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Yea so I've been out for a bit thanks to the dear old wisdom teeth. (gotta love them) I know that we have a chem honors project coming up and I was wondering if sum1 could tell me what exactly it includes?!? please and thanku.

ps...who all is going to homecoming. im going (durr) and shellez is going with stanley (double durr) and well itd be fun to go in groups and if we wanna get a limo, we gotta start planning now. so lemme know. ~muah~.


ps. pheebz you are so totally invited to homecoming :) *hope you'll come*

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WHOOPIE DOOPIE [13 Sep 2004|01:48pm]

omgf. i finally learned how to post in here. lmao. wow do i feel smart. neways...thanks pheebzie poo, this community is awesome. i'll go solicite for ya, and get other ppl to join. :)

Pheebz, my mom said u can come live with me, and go to beta still. hehe, if ya want. Anways, guys, doesn ne1 know what day tmrw is? A or B. I dont know what hw to do! If ne1 knows, IM me. yea, thanks. <3*bbk*
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[01 Sep 2004|05:14pm]

no one has really updated this thing since i have on the first day... whats up with that?!?! so yah school is school. Don't like it to much. Don't see many people anymore. I dont have any classes with kimmi or Gary. Thats not cool. Soccer season is starting back up soon, so thatshould be atleast semi-fun. I'm sorry if it offends anyone but i really don't think mr.thursby or mr.pettigrew like me. No specific reasons it just doesn't seem like they do.

okay. my very bored self shall leave now... in hopes someone else will write in this thing sooner or later.


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The first day [03 Aug 2004|07:12pm]

[ mood | bouncy bouncy bouncy ]

okay so on pheebz command i shall update about my first day. So i get there at 7:25 and hour and four minutes after i got onto my bus.. so lets skip the little details and go to when i started to see people from BETA. After homeroom the first person i saw i think was gio. I have one class with him. 7th period. I saw lots of people said hello to lots more all that good stuff. In math class we have this new teacher.. and me and wade call him a blackxican.. cause hes like a black mexican. yep yep.. i have that classs with wade,april, allie, richelle, david, shellina, lots of peoples. and then a few freshies and a junior or two.. then i think i had networking. Yah.. definatley didn't sign up for that class. I have that with ryan speiwak and ryan stanley and i think chris and a few other computer junkies. Then off to Chemistry with kimmi. We do not have a tension span at all! and the teacher.. mr. thursby?? was like telling us he can train us to do flips like dolphins?? i have no clue. At lunch everyone met back up and saw how many freshman there are. I thought to myself if i was like that as a freshman shoot me!!!! I mean besides the whole "obsessive" over Brennan i dont think i was a bad freshman.. lol. Oh and btw Brennan is looking pretty fly for a white guy again this year.. did anyone notice?? not that i like him or anything.. lol. hes just really really hot. Anyways.. so yah after lunch i had world history with some peoples. I didn't really get to socialize with anyoneso i was kinda sad :'( but i hope once we get settled and all that maybe we can see each other lots more.. There are way to many freshman i think! lol. lalalala. hyper hyper hyper. i'm sad though cause Gary and Rachael and some others dont have one class with me!

oh and just thought you would like to know.. that the rumor is

Rosie quit and changed proffesions... o.O ooh dang..

but yah that only my first day not everyone elses..



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back to school guys.. [03 Aug 2004|06:32pm]

[ mood | bored ]

You know considering its the first day of school and all, I want @ least one person to update about today. Just so that the BETA kids that had to leave [[*cough me and Britt cough* =P]]can get the inside scoop. =D Pretty please? <33

I'm a BETA kid!

[19 Jul 2004|01:34pm]

[ mood | cold ]

My day started wet on sat, if ur thinkin i had a wet dream well no lol. Nah it was raining and my dog had a bathroom emergency and i was too lazy to put a shirt on bfor goin out, da rain was freezin and i got soak which gave me kind of a cold at nite. My uncle came from mexico, he's workin der and we went shoppin and i bought some flip flops which i regret coz i saw some better ones later at Dillar's at da same price. Den Sunday started out wet too coz my uncle wanted me to help do some yard work in DA RAIN and i didnt he told me to take my shirt off and once again da freezin rain was killin me, good we finished doin dat fast. I went to da mall again bought a kool shirt in burdine's and went to watch anchorman,it was pretty good but stupid as hell, i wuld say it's a movie SNL style. The theater was colder dan ever and i was wearin flip flops and shorts and dat sucked. My weekend was definately weird, I had da coldest two days i've ever had in da middle of da summer. PC OUT< > c ya at skool in a few days! :(

I'm a BETA kid!

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