♥♥♥ (lostxnxparadise) wrote in beta_kids,

lovin' BETA

ok i SOOO visited BETA today! It was the bestest ever too! Aggh I missed everyone so much! So as soon as I stepped on that sidewalk of the bus circle I see a bunch of people start running @ me going PHOOOOOOOOEBEEEEEEEE!! Like..Cutee! Aww I love you! haha she was the main 1! Then all of a sudden I have like a million people around me going PHOEBE'S HERE! and hugging me and aww I just love being there cuz you guys make me feel so loved! haha! Even Ms. Stockton talked to me and said "well why don't you come back?" and i was like..well I want to..then shes like then why don't you..cuz my mom won't let me! haaah. Oh man and I saw STEPHANIE PERKINS! Oh man I love her! and Melisa and Sam..you guys are some cooooool freshman! And then ofcourse EVERYONE ELSE that theres just wayyy too many to mention! lol..I LOVE YOU ALLLL! haha thank you for making me feel so special =] .. haha so after everyone left me Allie, Caleb, n Kris all went up to the lockers n I found my old locker and from where Lisa wrote PHEEBZ in big letters across it from last year I took Caleb's pen n wrote "IS BACK" and then Caleb took it from me and wrote BITCH under it..so now my old locker says..PHEEBZ is back BITCH..and RIP FEEBO from Shelina! haha..OH MAN WHY DID I MISS YOU AGAIN TODAY SHELINA!? THAT PISSED ME OFF! N I DIDN'T GET TO SEE RACHAEL EITHER! AGGH! I MISS YOUUUU! =[ aw well it was fun anyways! love you guys!
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