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sorry i'm really hyper right this sec. i am eating pizza and drinking a ginger ale so yah... lalalala. hmm... i gotz to update about my week so far.

monday nothing happened..

tuesday we had a soccer game! It was the return of CHRISTIE FREAK A LEAK... actually her name is Christie Leak and she was only one of our best players and soccer captain last year. So she drove back from UCF and came to watch our game! SO that was the best part. We tied 2-2 but that was the biggest bullshit game ever on the face of this earth. The REFS.. THEY SUCKED Ass at reffing the game. fucking need some contacts or something. anyways... so they scored and it was taken back. Then we scored. Then right after we scored they scored. and then we scored again. and with 30 seconds to go they ran straight up the center and scored. AHHHH! i wanted to go insane. but oh-well. atleast we didn't lose. I would have hated to see Freak a leak when we lost. :-(.

something else fucking hillarious. Arezou and Stacey are the two freshman girls on our team. and no offence but they are not that great at all. and so they were talking and were like yah we're going to be warming the bench for everyone tongiht. and colleen looks at me and stuff and goes "well atleast they know their place on this team." ROFL! that was soooooo great. omfg i was laughing that was the best thing someone said to me all day. well soccer wise. it was great. hahahaha.

anyways. yah.. and the boys actually scored a goal! thats like the first time in like i believe 5 or 6 years. so yah.. fun stuff.

today nothing went on. boring B-days. i fucking hate um...

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